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  • Season 3

    Episode 1: Instrumentals, part 1

    We're back for a new year, with a fresh take on the songs without a singer: instrumentals! Does James Brown count? Is Tequila *really* singing? Find out more on this fun trip across the Rock n' Roll roadmap!

    Episode 2: Instrumentals, part 2

    We wander through Telstars and peer into Maggot Brains (eeww!) to bring you the very finest examples of rock & roll without a singer. Sing along! You already know all of the words!

    Episode 3: Valentine's Day 2019, part 1

    We're no Love Fool. We know a good Lovesong when we hear it, and we always reach for the brolly if there's going to be November Rain. Sometimes you need some time--and sometimes the love is just everlasting. Join us for the February fun of Valentine's Day!

    Episode 4: Valentine's Day 2019, part 2

    Back in time to the '80s, then forward again...and underneath it all, we really love LOVE. It's the great new addictive sensation that's now 110% more Everlasting than ever.

    Episode 5: Odd Couples, part 1

    Did you know Lionel Ritchie spent time with Rob Zombie? Who was Cher hanging out with, and why is Tammy Wynette on Top of the Pops doing Brit-pop? What did we do to deserve this? Find out in part one of our two-part series on music's strangest pairings.

    Episode 6: Odd Couples, part 2

    We nominate....Tom Jones and EVERYBODY! The man gets around...and did you know the Wu-Tang Clan had an indirect connection to the Beatles? Of course you did! That makes perfect sense--well, in someone's reality it did, and that's how RZA and Yoko Ono decided to pair up and give it a go. Join us for part two of Odd Couples!

    Episode 7: 1959, part 1

    The Lost Episode! We time-travel back to 60 years ago and look at the fascinating collection of hits on both charts on both sides of the big pond. There's rock and folk, ballads and beauty, and some sinister swing hiding here. Come back with us!

    Episode 8: 1959, part 2

    From soft strings singing across the sea to confident front-men walking tall, this episode is Something Else. Join us on the second half of our journey back in time, the LOST EPISODE that looks at 1959.

    Episode 9: Happy, Part 1

    C'mon! Get happy! Adulting can be hard sometimes, but that's no reason not to find time to smile. You'll be walking on sunshine when we take you through a delightful set of some of the cheeriest "in the mood" songs to lift your spirits.

    Episode 10: Happy, Part 2

    Don't stop believing about tomorrow! Let your love flow, and you'll feel good vibrations and be hooked on a feeling as we take you through the second half of happiness. Enjoy!

    Episode 11: Solo, Part 1

    This episode goes to 11! You'll think 10 wasn't loud enough when Sammy Hagar steps in. But meanwhile, Eric Clapton is looking wonderful, Gene Simmons is radioactive, and Gwen Stefani has No Doubt about what she's waiting for. We discuss some of the greatest artists who were able to succeed with bands or on their own. Join us!

    Episode 12: Solo, Part 2

    Doctor, doctor! Robert Palmer is Simply Irresistible, but The Girl is Mine! Life's Been Good, but If I Ever Lose My Faith in You, I Will Not Go Quietly. I'll still be here after the Boys of Summer have gone, We work our way up to some of the greatest solo artists of all time in the second half of this series. Enjoy!

    Episode 13: Dirty Bits, Part 1

    Get ready to get dirty! As a shout-out to our friends at The Dirty Bits Podcast, we talk about some of the naughty-but-nice and not-safe-for-work parts of Rock & Roll Music History. Don't worry! It all comes with a disclaimer, and we promise it's all in good fun. Whether Frankie Say Relax or we're elaborating on Didgeridoos, we hope you enjoy this bawdy rock-n-roll romp. The Dirty Bits is the podcast that covers the fierce, sexy, funny, scandalous, freaky, and salacious stories from history your teacher probably left out. What fun!

    Episode 14: Dirty Bits, Part 2

    Had enough of Didgeridoos and Ding-a-ling-a-lings yet? Not by a long shot, we bet! The second half of our bawdy rock n' roll romp gets into those sneaky dirty words that somehow got through on the radio. We salute The Dirty Bits Podcast, the podcast that covers the fierce, sexy, funny, scandalous, freaky, and salacious stories from history your teacher probably left out. What fun!

    Episode 15: Songs with Missed Meanings, Part 1

    It was all downhill when they caught Miss Molly rockin' at the house of blue light. We explore song meanings that sometimes get lost in translation--and other times get missed completely! Across the decades, songs can be subtle or obvious and we'll share some that you may not have noticed!

    Episode 16: Songs with Missed Meanings, Part 2

    We closed down with Semisonic, but if that left you smarting, we've got more this time around. We'll give you a little TLC when it's cold outside. Wherever you see paradise we'll be watching you, working hard to give you the time of your life. And like Van Morrison's brown-eyed (?) girl, we'll still love you tomorrow.

    Episode 17: Songs About Money, Part 1

    It's strange to her: some people seem to have everything, while others get their money for nothing. Well, as Weird Al once said, "If money can't buy happiness, I guess I'll have to rent it." We found some really neat facts about songs about money, and we hope you have as much fun as we do, because this episode--like all our episodes--is entirely 100% free.

    Episode 18: Songs About Money, Part 2

    The big money goes around the world, so you probably shouldn't put your money where your mouth is - you have no idea where it's been! If you're a Gold Digger (and we ain't sayin'), you look for Opportunities to Take the Money and Run. We have fun with songs about money one more time in the second half of our Money theme. Enjoy!

    Episode 19: Songs we Landed on the Moon, Part 1

    October! Halloween! The Moon! Apollo? We celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing alongside other songs that mythologize the moon. Can you fit a werewolf in a space capsule? Would you want to? Would fur be a bad thing to have in zero gravity? Find out why we were Godsmacked about such Space Oddities.

    Episode 20: Songs we Landed on the Moon, Part 2

    "Showaddy Waddy" was funny to say, and imagining Ozzy in that fur suit Barking at the Moon was quite a fond memory, and now it's time to howl at the moon with Hank, Fly to the Moon with Hank, and then spend some time pondering the phenomenon of Underworld's "Moon in Water."

    Episode 21: Woodstock 50th Anniversary, Part 1

    An amazing milestone celebrating a pivotal piece of Rock & Roll history: Woodstock! Join us as we share some fascinating trivia and discuss the artists and their performances that created three days of Peace, Love, and Music.

    Episode 22: Woodstock 50th Anniversary, Part 2

    50 years ago? Already? We celebrate three days of Peace, Love, and Music with a look back and some interesting conversation about the artists, those pivotal performances, and the social and political change blowin' in the wind in 1969. Join us!

    Episode 23: Freaky Friday Switcheroo! Part 1

    Could it be any stranger? We end the year with both sides of the fence swapping out both sides of the Big Pond - what a strange situation! Join us as Blake the Limey and Steve the Yank battle over whose music is better: the UK or the USA?

    Episode 24: Freaky Friday Switcheroo! Part 2

    Another Freaky Friday as we end the year and our third season together: Steve the Limey is now The Yank! And that makes Blake the Yank stuck with the title of "Sir Blake the Limey" - a terrible turnabout for all! Join us for some fun and great musical memories as we take on the great debate: from the USA to the UK, who *really* knows who's who? And...who *really* knows how to rock?

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