Every episode, we talk about artists and songs that we want you to go listen to. The Limey also puts together fun behind-the-scenes videos to give you a sneak peek of what's coming in the podcast. Sometimes he even convinces The Yank to join him, and on-camera they goof around and share in the fun.

This is our collection of YouTube videos. We have a YouTube channel, and playlists, and we hope you enjoy it all!

Documentary: Why We Do What We Do

Olivia Newton-John: original Facebook Livestream, September 2022

Facebook Livestream: Interview with Shimmer Johnson, April 2022

Facebook Livestream: Elvis vs. Cliff Richard, March 2022

Facebook Livestream: All About Animals, January 2022

Facebook Livestream: Bad Advice Songs, November 2021

Facebook Livestream: Stylist Session with Steve, September 2021

Facebook Livestream: Songs about Dreams, August 2021

Facebook Livestream: 1980, July 2021

Facebook Livestream: Fuzzy, Buzzy, Funny Sounds, June 2021

Facebook Livestream: pre-show Styling Session with Steve, June 2021

Facebook Livestream: Country Music, April 2021

Facebook Livestream: Black History Month, February 2021

YouTube post about the Black History Month episode, February 2021

Facebook Livestream: One World United, January 2021

Facebook Livestream: Happy New Year!, January 2021

Facebook Livestream: Songs to Stay Active, November 2020

Facebook Livestream: Saturday Morning Shows, September 2020

Facebook Livestream: Quaran-tunes, August 2020

Facebook Livestream: a Message to Our Listeners, June 2020

Facebook Livestream: Fun &anp; Games on a Saturday, Plus Some News, June 2020

YouTube: Bits & Pieces

YouTube: Special Event: the Tawny & George Platis Podcast-a-thon

YouTube: Peace, Love, and Harmony

YouTube: CORONAVIRUS: Locked-up Hairstylist

YouTube: Blues-Rock Influence

YouTube: "Freaky Friday!" - the Switcheroo Episode

YouTube: Woodstock 50th Anniversary

YouTube: Songs we Landed on the Moon

YouTube: Songs About Money

YouTube: Songs with Missed Meanings

YouTube: Dirty Bits in Music

YouTube: Artists Going Solo

YouTube: 1959

YouTube: Odd Couples

YouTube: Valentine's Day 2019

YouTube: Instrumentals - Music Without a Voice

YouTube: Christmas 2018

YouTube: Hey Mr Bass Man

YouTube: Halloween 2018 (short edit version)

YouTube: Halloween 2018 (full version)

YouTube: Glam!

YouTube: Men in Tight Pants! (The Falsetto Show)

YouTube: Happy Fourth of July 2018!

YouTube: PSA: Take Care of Yourself this Summer

YouTube: Season 2 Summer Special! Cool Tunes for a Hot Summer

YouTube: Season 2: Episode 11 : 1968

YouTube: Season 2: Episodes 9 & 10 : The Traveling Wilburys (spotlight on Tom Petty)

YouTube: Season 2: Episodes 7 & 8: When the Front Man Leaves the Band

YouTube: Season 2: Episode 6: Misunderstood Lyrics

YouTube: Season 2: Episode 5: The Saint Patrick's Day Special!

YouTube: Outtake from The Saint Patrick's Day Special: Leprechaun Shenanigans

YouTube: Season 2: Episode 3: The Valentine's Day Special!

YouTube: Season 2: Episode 2: Cover Songs, part 2

YouTube: Season 2: Episode 2: Cover Songs

YouTube: Season 2: Episode 1: Music that Makes the Movie

YouTube: Season 1 Highlights

YouTube: Season 1 Episode 14: Christmas!

YouTube: Outtakes from the Christmas video

YouTube: Season 1 Episode 12: Hair

YouTube: Season 1 Episode 11: Halloween!

YouTube: Season 1 Episodes 9 & 10: The Brothers of Soul

YouTube: Season 1 Episodes 7 & 8: The Sisters of Soul

YouTube: Season 1 Episode 6: Sounds Like Nilsson

YouTube: Season 1 Episode 3: Manchester