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    Episode 1: One-Hit Wonders (part 1)

    From the past through today and into the future, there will always be those artists who for one moment capture the spotlight...and then never repeat that same magic again. Join us as we peer into the year 2525, ponder whether stars wander, and go Tubthumping for the Macarena. It's my life and I'll spend it thinking of Grandad and his sweet tooth. Sugar, sugar, and one-hit sweetness!

    Episode 2: One-Hit Wonders (part 2)

    When Anita Ward, you can Ring My Bell! We're not quite clear on what made Dexy's Midnight Runners want to be out jogging so late, but we do think a lot of these one-hit wonders had The Knack for Playing that Funky Music. Float on and see the surprise hit from a woman mostly known for her great comedy legacy (but the one-hit isn't actually funny...isn't that funny?).

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